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  • FutureCMS - Full By FutureCMS

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    FutureCMS - Full Version   Basic Information: Supported versions - Season 6 - 19 Supported files: IGCN Xteam MuEmu MUDEVS LOUIS Supported 3 types of connection: PDO DbLib PDO Sqlsrv PDO ODBC Supported multiple languages (English in default) Easy installation with website requirements check You can download the simple PHP script from the attachment, copy it to your hosting, and open it in the browser t
  • DashBoard By FutureCMS

    • 75.00 EUR
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    FutureCMS - Dashboard   everything is implemented in admincp to be configured more simply

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FutureCMS Provides the complete, unique, and professional CMS for your MuOnline website.

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